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Camps 營會

We have something for everyone

​ 我們有適合各人的營會


Adults 成人

We have a variety of different retreats and camps throughout the year. It is a time to learn more about God, worship together, and build up relationships. There is something for everyone.
一年四季我們有各種不同的退修會和營會。 現在是時候更多認識神,一起敬拜並建立關係了。 總有一項適合您。

Youth 青少年

FCBC has extensive programs for our youth. Ranging from week long camps to a summer outreach ministry. We love our future and you can see it in the campers and counselors faces.
FCBC為我們的青少年兒童提供了廣泛的活動。 從為期一周的營會到整個夏季的外展事工。 我們熱愛我們的未來,這可以在營友和輔導員的臉上看到。

Youth Camp Pic 2023.jpg

Join us in making a real difference.


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