Camps for Adults 退修會及營會

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Camp Ohana 家庭營

Our end of summer retreat for church families.

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Women's Retreat 姊妹退修會

All women are welcome. This is a multigenerational, multicultural, and multilingual retreat. We learn more about how to live a Godly life, support and learn from one another.

​歡迎所有姊妹。 這是一個多代,多文化和多語言的退修會。 我們更多地了解如何過著屬靈的生活,相互支持和相互學習。


Cantonese Speaking Retreat 粵語退修會

Our yearly Cantonese speaking retreat focuses on equipping ourselves with the truth of the Bible and outreach.



Senior Retreat 長者退修會

Our Senior retreats are full of good food, good fellowship and heartwarming life experiences.


Men's Retreat 弟兄退修會

Men's retreat typically focus on a service project. Previous retreats included much hiking and also repair and cleanup projects.

​ 弟兄退修會通常專注於事奉項目。 以往的退修包括許多遠足以及維修和清理項目。