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Worship 崇拜

Sundays in-Person & Live via Zoom and Facebook


For links to our worship services and other meetings via Zoom, email

​​ 崇拜及其他聚會的Zoom鏈接請電郵辦公室


Cantonese Worship - 10:00 AM


  • 實體崇拜已經恢復在教會舉行:

  1. 粵語崇拜主日上午10:00

  2. 英語崇拜主上午11:30

  • 繼續透過各種直播方式進行網上崇拜及成年級主日學,直至另行通知。

  • 我們鼓勵參加者接種疫苗,保持社交距離,以致安全地聚會。

  • 我們強烈建議大家在教會佩戴口罩,在嬰兒室及學前班教室內務必佩戴。

  • 聚會前後不要在前廳逗留,請使用教會門外空曠地方互相問安,多謝合作。

  • 在聖餐時,執事派發獨立包裝的餅和杯時會戴上手套。

  • 兩堂崇拜之間將進行清潔

  • 團契或小組事前向教會文書預訂地方,可留在教會使用包括廚房在內的教會設施

各種網上直播方式仍然繼續使用:我們鼓勵大家安裝 ZOOM APP 參加可以互動的網上崇拜和主日學,




English Worship - 11:30 AM

FCBC is reopened!  Please note the following information:​

  • Online worship via zoom and livestreaming will continue after in-person worship until further notice.

  • We highly encourage returning worshippers to be vaccinated and those who are not to continue participating in worship virtually. 

  • Mask wearing at church will be highly recommend, but not required. However, masking will still be the practice in Nursery and Pre-K areas, and adults in the area will still be limited to teachers and parents.

  • For safety reasons, please do not linger in the vestibule before and after worship services.  Greeting one another may be carried out on the sidewalk.

  • For communion, the deacons will wear gloves while serving prepackaged communion elements.

  • In-between service cleaning will be carried out

  • Staying back at church and the use of church facilities, including the kitchen, will be allowed as long as the groups reserve spaces from the Church Administrator.

Worship Services in-person, on Zoom and via YouTube & Facebook Live.


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