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Wendi Lin 林羅狄雯姊妹

Administrator 教會文書

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies 廣東外語學院

"I am a fruit of the FCBC Friday Night School program and want to give back."

FCBC Church Administrator: 2000–Present
Wendi came to the States to join her husband Harry with their 9-month-old son. Before answering the call to become FCBC’s church administrator in 2000, she was an elementary school teacher and taught Chinese typing at adult night school in Guangzhou, China. Wendi joined the FCBC Cantonese worship the first Sunday they came to San Francisco because Harry had been attending Friday Night School and Sunday worship service for years by then. She later accepted Christ and got baptized after working as our church administrator for half a year. Wendi takes care of the office and the church building. She loves traveling, hiking, reading (Chinese, preferably), and watching police and crime dramas.




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